William K. Summers, M.D. is a third generation independent physician and neuroscientist. He was classically trained at Washington University (St. Louis) in internal medicine and neuropsychiatry. He offers care not found in the Modern Healthcare System, where one is rushed through by a pleasant nurse practitioner in minutes. Dr. Summers approach is based on forty years of medical research and clinical experience. He holds eight pharmacologic and neuroceutical patents. This includes tacrine (Cognex®), the first FDA approved treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Most recently, he patented a health supplement Memory reVITALIZER®. Receiving a U.S. patent on a health supplement is unusual. Dr. Summers further conducted a 113 subject double blind study of Memory reVITALIZER®, which was published by a peer review medical journal (JAD.2009.12.29)

Dr. Summers continues to practice general medicine and psychiatry in his Albuquerque Clinic.

The clinic focuses on general health improvements, stable useful moods with marked mental speed and clarity. The aging process is targeted. Rejuvenation of your energy levels is often achieved. This is accomplished with innovating combinations of traditional medicines with health supplements, and when appropriate even homeopathic remedies. Bio-identical hormones may be used.

As every individual is “individual”, ie unique, the treatment is individuated. Of course, the patient has their own health goals. This is the baseline focus. However, patients frequently do not know what is possible in the field of anti-aging medicine. Thus, patient health goals often happens.

One patient may have issues of a cosmetic nature, but is adverse to surgery or injections of neurotoxins. Another patient may have prostate issues, with fears of cancer. Yet another patient may have weight control issues. Family members may have concerns of mental stability.

Dr. Summers’s intent is to listen to these concerns and integrate them with what is possible.

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