Aging Solutions & Anti-aging:
A definition of anti-aging medicine is difficult. It has different common meanings and connotations. Each is championed by a particular group laying loose claim to the term.

In dHc, the designed HEALTH clinic, anti-aging medicine means using reasonable emerging scientific research to work toward the goal of slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process. Often this means early detection, prevention and reversal of age-related diseases. For example, if a history suggests gastroesophageal reflux or duodenal ulcer, Dr. Summers will strongly advocate pursuit of the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori, a peculiar bacteria that enjoys the acid environment of the stomach. As this bacteria is associated with later stomach cancer, active attempts to eradicate the infection is usually recommended. Another, but less established example is the hypothesis that chlamydia pneumonia, can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Again, when discovered, aggressive treatment of the infection is usually recommended.

There are many critics of antiaging medicine, NAYSAYERS if you will. The great Dutch philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer pointed out that new concepts go through three phases:
     First, RIDICULE



In Anti-aging medicine, the naysayers currently vacillate between ridicule and violent opposition. They say there is no valid method to measure outcomes, short of waiting for people to die. So we should all wait to die so the someone else can measure what we did or did not do?

Well, there are abundant basic research data supporting the concepts of anti-aging medicine. In time, the human research will follow. For the moment we must depend on anecdotal stories in humans.

I'll the first time I met a person committed to anti-aging.
She was a breast cancer victim who had survived 15 years on a rigid regimen of vitamins. She allowed a family doctor to ridicule her out of her vitamins, and died of recurrent breast cancer within two years.

About 10 years later a 75 year old man was into “supplements”. He appeared to be 50. His hair was jet black, he was not slumped, and his musculature was not shriveled. I was privileged to know him as a friend after his wife, my patient, died and he continues to be in robust health into his mid 90's.

Improving brain health and hormone balance are major foundations of the my approach. Bone health, prostate health, weight management and much more are subject to our innovative approaches. The goal of this clinic is to add life to your years, and years to your life. Which aspect of the clinic to utilize is …ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

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