Bio Identical Hormone Treatment:
Dr. Michael Galitzer said it best, “ We age because our hormones decline;… our hormones don’t decline because we age."–Somers S. Ageless: the naked truth about bioidentical hormones. New York: Crown Publishers, p xxiii

Hormone is from the Greek word hormmin which means “setting in motion.” Indeed hormones are chemical messengers that set the body in motion, and a lack of them leads to the shriveled frail people populating nursing homes.

Why are Bio-identical or “rub-on” hormones important?

Patented or modified hormones have documented risk of increased cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, and increased cancer risk. However, such compounds are alien and non-human. Often these compounds are used in pharmacologic, not natural, doses to get the desired effect. It is believed by many that the body reacts poorly to such non-natural compounds.

Bioidentical have been bioengineered to be precisely THE SAME as the hormones that human themselves produce. When used in physiologic (natural levels) doses, bioidentical hormones actually decrease risks of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Of course, re-introduction of bioidentical hormones is reported to return sexual desire, eliminate menopausal symptoms, and bring back the joyful energy of life.

Adjusting bio-identical hormones is not a simple matter. In DHC we are of the opinion that each woman or man has their own personal best dose of the bio-identical hormones. It is an art form, which requires careful attention to personal circumstances and personal reactions to these powerful, but natural hormones.

Please consider bioidentical hormones for yourself of your loved ones.

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