Preventative Medicine:
Dr. Summers believes Preventative Medicine is the Art of medicine. To prevent or reverse of age-related diseases means to "know" the disease. The Master of an medical arts can anticipate the next move of the illness – then cut it off.

At the Clinic, the patient’s current health is carefully reviewed. Minimum additional laboratory tests are utilized in effort to anticipate future health problems. The patient selects which problems to address. An individual regime of treatment is crafted. Progress markers are taken at baseline (eg photo, weight, measurements, base labs, etc). Follow-up appointments to measure the progress markers are specific to the problems.

This is quite different than the medical specialty called Preventive Medicine which encompass public health , aerospace medicine, and occupational medicine. These fields consider problems of broad groups of people (epidemiology).

Dr Summers approaches the problems of individual patients .... YOU.

This is Your Clinic!

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