Memory Enhancement & Senior Moments:
Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), “Senior Moments”, or Can’t Remember S_ _ t really represents the first signs of impending Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed within 4 years fifty percent of people over 65 who complain of their memory are diagnosed as Alzheimer’s.

How is MCI diagnosed? The criteria are still controversial, but scientists seem to enjoy expending great energy debating over minutiae. From a practical point of view MCI is being over 60 and complaining of deficient memory, preferably corroborated by another person. There are no laboratory or established psychometric tests.

Most university scientists believe that there are NO strategies available to slow, halt, or reverse MCI. They claim no bias in this belief. But they owe their fame and fortune to grants that would disappear if a solution to the problem existed.

It is My opinion that there is much that can be done.

Some of our patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease have actually been improved enough to be discharged from locked ‘special care units” and return home. If this is possible, why is it not possible to positively affect people with MCI?

Like cancer, or any other serious medical ailment; it is very helpful to seek help at the first sign of a problem.

So if your memory has lapses, pauses, and gaps … do not delay. It is not a ‘mild’ problem.

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