Dr. Summers attended medical school at Washington University (St. Louis), a consistently top medical school since 1900. After medical school, Dr. Summers trained in both neuropsychiatry and internal medicine at Washington University (St. Louis). The psychiatric program at Washington University was revolutionary at the time, in that they taught if the brain malfunctioned, behavior is abnormal. This medical model psychiatry assumed that psychiatric diagnoses could be accurately made, studied, and from this knowledge the natural history of the psychiatric problems could modified and treated. This was a radical at the time. Today, it is assumed to be the case.

However, few psychiatrists have been trained in the fine art of proper diagnoses and details of pharmacology that lead to best outcomes in treatment. Indeed, today in New Mexico it is assumed that physician assistants or nurse practitioners trained by pharmaceutical salesmen can give the same results as a fully trained and experienced neuropsychiatrist.

Patients of Dr. Summers believe in the old standards – that medicine is an art, where the best practitioners are skilled and get unexpected outcomes. Patients believe you get what you pay for; thus free care at the HMO is worth what was paid. Dr Summers patients find that for a few dollars more, they are able to return to work/ stay at work/ or not loose work time. This is art. Dr Summers patients see calmer home lives, because milieu inclusive therapies are applied. A smooth rewarding life and life style is the object of the clinic.

Our target at the end of the first year is to contain one’s charges to less than $1,500 regardless of the complexity of the problem. Compare this with dental care. Thereafter, the target is to maintain one’s psychiatric health for $600.00 or less per year. That’s $600 or about $50 per month.

Patients know that the cost of our care at the end of the year, it is a substantial savings over the alternatives offered by the “free care” alternatives.

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